What to Bring with you for Your Outdoor Graduation Photo Session

graduation photo of musician with ukulele

Bringing something that represents on of your hobbies, such as books or a musical instrument, makes for a more personal graduation photo.

Graduation season is one of the busiest times in your life. Custom graduation photography sessions offer an opportunity to create a lifelong memento of this time of change. Ditching the boring studio photos and taking advantage of the beautiful surroundings of the Miramichi will give your photos a natural look that will never go out of style.

Pack More than Just the Grad Gown

Just as important as a grad gown is what you wear under the gown, even though you won’t see much of it. Men can’t go wrong with a shirt, tie, and dress pants, though a casual look of a t-shirt and jeans is also popular. Women may wish to wear a dress, and formal shoes. When it comes to clothing, dress for the season, but also for the location. Consider bringing a change of clothes for photos without the gown. I like to see my clients choose clothes that represent their personal style. Choose something that’s not too casual – think of what you would wear if you were going out for supper with friends.

Another tip is to bring a change of shoes. You may want to pose in shoes that are less comfortable to walk in, and the last thing you need in your grad year are blisters! If your location is in a wooded area or isn’t easily accessible, bring a pair of trusty sneakers or even hiking boots to wear until you get there.

graduation photo of girl leaning against wooden fence in a field

Consider having some photos taken without your gown to show off your personal style.

Spice It Up with Interesting Props

Graduation is a celebration of who you are, and what you have accomplished over the years in your education. When you think of a graduation photo session, don’t just think of the typical grad gown and diploma picture, but be sure to bring along props from extracurricular activities that represent your interests. No matter what you’re into, there are props for everything!

If you’re involved with:

Sports: Trophies, Medals, Balls/Equipment

Drama: Masks, Costume Pieces, Awards

Music: Instruments, Music Sheets

Some general props that you can also bring are decorations, balloons, banners, and your yearbook! You don’t need to bring a bin full of props, even one or two things to accent photos will make a big difference. You may also have specific items that have special sentimental value to you. You want your photos to represent your uniqueness, and props are one way to do that. Bringing a framed kindergarten graduation photo to show how you’ve changed over the years is always a hit.

Your grad photo session is your chance to show off the person you are in this pivotal stage in your life. Make it your own! If you’re looking for some inspiration, be sure to check out my graduation gallery here.

high school graduate holding framed portrait from kindergarten

The before/after photo with a preschool or kindergarten graduation photo is always a favourite.

high school graduate sitting on rocks in gown holding globe

Showing your passion for travel is another way to personalize your graduation photo session.

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