Frequently Asked Questions for Spring Family Photography Sessions

family of three sitting in field at sunset

What’s the best thing to wear for a spring session?

It’s important that everyone feels comfortable with what they are wearing to their family photography session. This means dressing warmly enough for the weather. Spring weather can be a bit unpredictable. Winds can pick up, and temperatures can plummet early in the morning and later in the evening. Considering bringing a winter jacket for everyone to wear in between photos, to stay warm.

For colours, the general rule is to avoid matching, but dress with a similar palette of colours. To complement the neutral tones of early spring, opt for shades of browns, greys, and earth tones. For a session in later spring with blue sky and green grass, you may choose to wear brighter colours. To avoid a last minute “clothes panic”, set out your clothes on your bed the day before, and see how they look together.

What if it’s raining?

Though most of us want a sunny day for photos, overcast skies actually provide the most flattering, even lighting conditions. The clouds act as a sort of giant lampshade for the sun. That being said, the “drowned rat” look isn’t quite in style these days, so if it’s looking like rain, it might be best to postpone to a later date. 

When is the best time of day to have the session?

The light of day is at its best when the sun is low in the sky. The best time for family photos is first thing in the morning, and later in the evening. Ideally, I like to begin sessions about an hour before sunset. This might not work well for small children, as it’s near their usual bedtime. Besides aiming for those “golden hour” times, I’d suggest simply trying to avoid the times when the sun is highest in the sky, around early to mid-afternoon.

boy looking off into the distance

Neutral spring tones lend themselves to moody imagery.

girl laughing during spring family photography session

A bubble machine makes it easy to get candid expressions from children.

What locations work well for spring family photography sessions?

In early spring, wooded trails can still be a bit muddy, but the main paths usually dry quickly. A simple location like an open field with tall grass can also work really well. The beaches can still be a bit cool in early spring, but they also aren’t as busy, if you’re a fan of privacy.

Why style of photos look best for spring photos? 

The choice of time of the year, location and what to wear has a huge effect on the overall feel of your photos. That time in early spring before the grass and leaves really start to grow offers subtle tones and a vintage feel. Once the tulips have come up and green is everywhere, you could opt for a more vibrant style of family photography. Think about what you want to have on your wall at home – something colourful, or more muted?

Spring family photography sessions are for celebrating the relief that winter is finally over, and we can easily enjoy the outdoors. What style of family photography suits you best? For some ideas, check out the family gallery here.

Four people flexing on log during family photography session

boy laughing in field

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