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boston terrier jumping for ball at Oakfield Provincial Park

We have liftoff.

Located just a little outside Fall River, Oakfield Provincial Park is definitely one of my top picks in all of Nova Scotia for family and dog photography sessions. It has so much going for it: it’s usually not too busy, and it has a lot of different types of terrain in one small park.

The main attraction at Oakfield Provincial Park is a sandy beach on Shubenacadie Grand Lake. I’ve waded in the lake barefoot on a few occasions clutching my definitely-not-waterproof camera to get a water-themed photo. Just beside the lake is an open field, and then a well maintained wooded area with a short trail. Just outside the entrance to the park are more open fields with some taller grass. All these features of the park give you a lot of selection in the backdrop you prefer for your photos, from a beach, to a forest, to a simple open field.

mother sitting in field holding young son at Oakfield Provincial Park

The fields of tall or short grass make for simple family photography backdrops.

cavalier king charles spaniel standing in grass at Oakfield Provincial Park

Tall grass seems even taller with four-legged subjects.

Because the park is very open, I recommend scheduling family photography sessions for the evening so that the quality of light is best. Having a session on a “school night” means that the park will be much less crowded, if you are the kind of family that doesn’t want to have a lot of people staring at you while you have your photos taken.

If you’ve never been to Oakfield Provincial Park, I suggest packing a lunch and heading over there on a Saturday afternoon. It’s a kid-friendly and dog-friendly spot with a lot of space, and the water in the Shubenacadie Grand Lake is surprisingly warm in the months of July to September, whether you want to wade around or venture far enough to swim.

border terrier licking nose on beach

The sand isn’t actually that tasty.

If you are thinking about having your family photos taken at Oakfield Park or another one of your favourite locations, you can find information on my family sessions here.

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