What Goes Into Creating a 5×7 Print

A question I often get asked when discussing custom photography sessions with new clients is why I am so focused on creating large wall displays. Most us have experience with the typical small print sizes (4×6, 5×7, 8×10) that we order with the snapshots we take on a family vacation. I think a lot of people who haven’t invested in custom photography before might not realize how much effort goes into creating a 5×7 print for them. Here’s a summary of the extensive process that is used to create a 5×7 print:

Creating a 5×7 Print from a Custom Photography Session:

-The custom photography session is planned in advance with an in-person meeting. This way we can discuss things like what to wear, locations, advice for the session, and photographic style. These meetings typically last a half hour to an hour.

-The session could be very short or quite long. For an outdoor family session, small children often declare themselves “all done” after 20 minutes. On the other hand, newborn sessions can last up to four hours.

-The images that emerge from the camera are far from complete. One of the things that differentiates custom photographic artwork from a routine snapshot is the artistry that is applied during the editing process. Each photo is meticulously edited to correct:

  • colour, contrast and brightness
  • skin tones and complexion
  • stray hairs
  • distracting objects (garbage cans, other people)
  • many other small details!

Some photos undergo further creative enhancements to transform the original image into something quite different:

before and after edit of a Weimaraner standing on a Bridgewater beach during a custom photography session

During the enhancement process, colours can be precisely controlled to create an otherworldly look.

before and after photo of a married couple at a Sydney wedding

Some images benefit from having the background significantly altered to remove unsightly objects and create an enchanting atmosphere.

Professional Gear to Create Quality Finished Products

Each image is edited on a specially calibrated screen. This way, when the images are printed by the artisans using standardized professional printers, the photographs will appear exactly how they are intended.

The papers are different from typical photo paper, as they are “archival grade” which means that they are made with materials that will prevent your image from fading or yellowing over time.

Professional cameras are designed to create photos that are about four feet wide when printed at full resolution. In order to convert these large images to a size suitable for print a 5×7 print, a downsizing technique is applied, which results in a significant loss of detail. The image is ready for printing.

With all of this work that goes into making a single 5×7 print, I hope it’s easy to understand why I’m biased toward printing my clients’ artwork on a much larger scale!

Three-panel senior portrait wall art arrangement in living room

Artwork created from custom photography sessions is always enjoyed more when printed large.

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