Choose the Perfect Location for Your Dog Photography Session

When it comes to dog portraits, choosing a stunning location can be as important to the finished images as having beautiful subjects to photograph. There are a few things to consider when choosing a location for your dog photography session, to give you a lot of variety in your photos and to make sure that your pup is comfortable and safe.

Consider whether there will be many people and other dogs nearby.

Some dogs can display aggression when other dogs are nearby. Other dogs may get so distracted by the presence of other dogs that they may have trouble focusing on anything else. Venturing out to parks and other areas rampant with other dog enthusiasts is a popular idea, but I only recommend this if your dog is well socialized and is not easily distracted.

two portuguese water dogs sitting in woods

Choosing a secluded area with few other people and dogs around will help your session run smoothly.

Choose a location with a variety of backdrops.

Some of my favourite dog photos were taken in wide open grassy fields, with few trees in site. But unless you want your entire set of photos from the session to look very similar, go with a location that has a variety of backdrops. For example, one of my favourite locations for dog photos is in Oakfield Park near Halifax. Oakfield Park has a sandy beach on a lake, an open field, and a wooded area all within very close proximity. It’s not coincidence that it’s now become one of the most popular areas that my clients choose for dog photography sessions.

border terrier posing for dog photography session in Halifax

These four photos were all taken within a very small area of Oakfield Park in Halifax.

Choose a location that has sentimental value to you.

Perhaps you and your pup have a favourite place to go for walks, or there is a special place for your family that you had in mind for your dog photography session. Your photographer will be able to make the most out of any environment, and because all of your photos of them will be taken in this sentimental location, your dog portraits will mean that much more to you when you finally hang them on your wall at home.

For some ideas, be sure to check out my dog gallery here!

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